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How to build the capacity for your mission.

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We all have gaps.

We each bring unique strengths, talents and passions to the mission.

But we also have gaps. Which is why we need a team along with the right resources and skills.

Learn the common gaps non-profits experience and strategies for crossing those gaps on the way to greater impact.

What we offer

We always start with a discovery session to clearly understand your context and how we can help you have the greatest impact.

Together we'll design a solution to help you close gaps. While the solution is tailored to your needs it usually includes some combination of workshops and coaching packs.


Let's make progress on your missions critical path. Coaching provides you with specific guidance and instruction over time.

We cover a variety of topics and all our coaching is offered in 4 packs (4 distinct sessions). You'll have some homework in between sessions but we can go as fast or slow as works for you.

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David was a great help to us in Bridges International in the midst of great challenges during the pandemic.

He facilitated a multi-day Sprint that helped us discover a concept for shifting our large national conference online.  David was adept at structuring our time and guiding the conversation.  He had a light touch and drew out insights from the participants while still being clear about the destination for our process.  The product was a framework that we largely brought into reality five months later.  Our staff were amazed with what we were able to accomplish with a virtual event and David was crucial for laying the foundation for that success!

Dan Tietz

Chief of Staff at Bridges International